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Automation projects, Training, Machine Installation and Service

CNC Retrofit
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A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all

At Metaltech Tools we really love what we do. With a combined experience of more than 50 years we know machine tools very well. we have been working and selling machine tools since 1973, we know how to improve the process of your equipment and make the most of your cutting tools. We help professionals like you save time and money by buying exactly what you need and fast.

Our product selection comes from extensive research and engineering. We offer you the best selection of machining and manufacturing equipment as well as accessories for machine tools and a complete line of cutting tools.

We are at your disposal at any time, even after completing your purchase. Your questions are always welcome and we can help you get the best results from our products at any time. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time you wish, by email or phone, we are happy to help you whenever we can and we are committed to provide you with a quick response and an excellent experience.

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Our mission

Be the first to satisfy our customers with our products and services, giving them the best quality, offering an excellent service and above all, providing innovation and technology in all our processes.

Our vission

Focus agile solution to the needs of our customers, proposing alternatives with innovation, technology, reliable, quality and viable. Constantly update our knowledge of the market to get to be pioneers in what we do.

Our values

- Attitude.
- Commitment.
- Ethic.
- Honesty.
- Integrity.
- Respect.
- Responsibility

Our targets

- Become a reliable supplier to our customers.
- Meet customer service expectations, every complaint are a reason to improve.
- Always offer cutting edge & cost saving solutions to our customers.

Automation & Retrofit

The most complete and experienced staff is at your service. We cover a wide range of industry field related jobs that we can perform at your site or our. Starting from renew any kind of old CNC machine all the way through getting the most of your brand new one.

In site CNC Retrofit

Electronic get obsolete way too fast, get the most of your machine while you can, ask us about our Retrofit packages, you'll be shocked!

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Automation Projects

Increase the productivity of your production lines while reducing your costs with automation. Let us help you to achieve that.

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Installation & Startup

Installation, Relocation, Start up, Programming & Service on new or old machines, we have a talented service team ready to assist you.

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CNC Training

In need of CNC training? we do basic or advanced courses on FANUC, G Code and Milltronics, (Centurion). At your site or our office.

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Interested to skyrocket your production today?

Want to get the most from your machine? get the most productive cutting tools? automate your production line? improve a production process? Don't wait any longer, get in touch with us.

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Completed Projects
Machine Tools Sold
Cutting Tools Used

Do you have a machining process that can be optimized?

I bet you do! we have a solution for that. Just get in touch with us and let us help you.

Machine tools & Cutting tools

We sell products that improve your day to day work, designed to obtain the maximum performance and useful life, helping you to do the job faster and better. All done with precision but without costing you an arm and a leg!

A Large Selection of Chip Removal Machines

CNC & Conventional Chip Removal Machines

Milling, drilling, broaching, turning, slotting, threading, grinding. At Metaltech Tools we have the most advanced machines on the market for the oil & automotive industry as well as the most affordable ones for the DIY enthusiast who make amazing parts in his home garage.
CNC & Conventional Chip Removal Machines

Industrial and Portable Air Compressors

Rotary Vane & Piston Air Compressors

We carry a complete range of air compressors, starting with the 3 Hp portable wheeled units all the way up to 100 Hp industrial rotary vane compressors for the most demanding air request. It doesn’t matter if you need air to paint a door or to run a 24/7 production line; we have the right solution for any application.
Rotary Vane & Piston Air Compressors

Machines For The Most Demanding Fabricators

Sheet Metal & Pipe Machines

Cutting, bending, welding, forming and assembly structures is easy with our machines, we have shears, press brakes, fully automated pipe bending machines, wire forming, water jet, punch, laser and plasma cutting tables as well as ironworkers and welding machines for any application. Metal fabrication is a market we know very well, our expertise is an added value we pass to our customers.
Sheet Metal & Pipe Machines

Machines To Cut Raw Steel

Hack & Band Saws For Any Need

We carry a complete line of band, hack and circular saws, with manual feed for small machine shops or fully automated machines for 24/7 production line.
Hack & Band Saws For Any Need

The Best Lines on Cutting Tools

Cutting Tools For All Applications

Wide variety of high precision cutting tools for all your most demanding applications, tungsten carbide, indexable cutting tools, disposable inserts for turning, milling, threading, slotting, drilling and boring holes, end mills, saw blades and hacksaws for material cutting, punches and dies for fabrication equipment and more. Excellent performance at unbeatable prices.
Cutting Tools For All Applications

Wide Selection of Machine Tool Accessories

The Perfect Match for Your Machine

Our selection of machine tool accessories is second to none, we have vises, chucks, metrology instruments, power attachments for manual milling machines, rotary and tilting tables, square plates, automated lubrication units, spindle cleaners, tool cabinets and more. A wide variety of high quality accessories that are the perfect match for your machine shop.
The Perfect Match for Your Machine

Blog & Tech Stuff

  • I was looking for a machine vise and a clamping kit for my new machine and found Metaltech Tools, price and quality are A+
    Robert Brown MSI Mold Builders, Iowa
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